We have been getting e-mails about recommendations/suggestions about which color of blazer to use based on skin color. For us, this is a great question and we want to help you with it.


First, and foremost, it all depends on your skin tone. The blazer color choice needs to blend with your skin color. And since we are talking about skin color, we need to talk of warm and cool skin tones.


A warm skin tone is someone like Jennifer Lopez or Beyoncé whose beautiful tan complexions and black hair go really well with reds and yellow colors of clothing.


A cool skin tone is someone like Nicole Kidman or Taylor Swift whose light or pink flesh goes really well with blue and green colors of clothing.


If you have any doubts of which skin tone you are, just take a look at the veins in your wrist. Green veins will indicate you are a warm skin tone, while blue veins will indicate you are a cool skin tone. Well, there you have it, it wasn´t that hard as you thought.


The good news is here at MIRNI we have that right color of blazer for your skin. Please browse through our blazer catalog and pick the one that fits for you. We want you to be happy and have the right color of blazer today!


You know what you need today?, You need a MIRNI blazer, you need to wear passion today! In fact, you need to wear passion at all times.


At MIRNI, we want to be part of that passion with that sleek and chic blazer that is going to turn heads at you. We want to be that inner fire that is going to push you to great things every day! No day should be boring, especially if you have different models and colors to pick from.


Did you know that we put passion in every blazer that we make? And that passion is transmitted in the garment that you are wearing right now. Passion in the morning, Passion in the afternoon, and Passion at night. In fact, passion will go with you everywhere, and at all times; how cool is that?


Passion is energy, and energy keeps you in motion, and motion keeps you active to achieve all your daily and life goals. Remember, once you wear a MIRNI blazer, you are a leader, not a follower. We want the very best for you today!



When it comes to looking slimmer, imagine for a second that you can stretch all your body, so that everything looks proportional. And guess what? One of the secrets to look a little bit thinner is to either make the upper or lower section of your body slim.


For anatomy purposes, let´s just say that from your feet to waist, is one section of your body, and from your waist to shoulder it´s another section. Since you can´t stretch all your body at once, you can at least make either your lower section or upper section slimmer. Let´s start from the bottom, if you wear a slim dress pant and your regular size blazer it will balance it out and you would not look that big. The other way will also work, if you wear a slim blouse and blazer, your upper body looks slim. Then you can just wear regular jeans or dress pants. You see, it is not that complex, just focus on one section of your body.


Now, if you want to go extreme, you can go slim fit on your upper and lower body, but unless you are going for a one hour cocktail or brief meeting, we don´t think it is healthy for you. We don´t want you to suffer the whole day at work with a really slim outfit, trust us, it is not worth it.


Well, we hope you have just learn how to balance your garments, remember that one day you can work on the lower section and the next day you can work the upper section. We hope you have fun with this trick and let us know how it works out for you!





We are living in difficult times and we want to tell you that our thoughts and prayers are with you right now. Life is not always about blazers believe it or not, life is about caring for others, especially during this pandemic. It is hard to imagine how things have turned out there and how many friends have lost family members.


All over the world, people lives have changed and life has taken a different toll. The corona virus came out of nowhere and has made our lives more vulnerable than ever. It is like fighting an invisible enemy that we cannot see and at times it is winning the fight. It seems that the only way to win against this horrible virus is by staying home and practicing a very good diet and hygiene.


At MIRNI we want you to practice social distancing and to always wear a face mask when you have to go out. We pray that you and your family are safe and pretty soon all this nightmare will be over. It is our sincere desire that you hang in there and know that people think and give you good wishes. Blessings !


Believe us, when you make something with love, you transmit it in the garments that you make. When we design, we put love, when we sew, we put love, when we iron, we put love, when we do a final inspection of our blazer, we put love. All of this effort is pure love and it does not feel like effort at all.


Few companies nowadays, put all their love in the process of making women´s clothing. That is not our case, we put 110% of love in our garments so that you can actually feel it when you wear one. We could actually say a lot of more things, but until you finally wear one of our coats you will understand and agree with us.


We are confident that you will be wearing our blazers and feel all the love that we put into them. Guess what?, love is contagious, before you know it, you will be passing love to everyone around you. Pretty soon your family members, friends and coworkers will also be passing love.


You can also transmit your love to us, all we ask from you is to give one of our garments a try, this world needs lots of love today!


2020 is your year and the best opportunity to accomplish all your goals. Obviously, we want to be part of your success; we want to be that unique blazer in your job interview, corporate presentation among your peers or that girls´ night out with your friends.


In this beautiful year, you are going to be comfortable with our blazers and it´s unique designs. With 3 colors to choose from, you are not going to go crazy on what to wear each morning. In fact, you will be inspired to try that salmon pink that makes you look younger, happier and ready to rule the world. Our blazers, hold true to their chic, confident, and simple yet classy designs. Believe us, when you wear one, you won´t want to take it off. You are going to find out that a rich and elegant blazer is something that you want to keep on all day.


2020 is your year to take it to the next level, go all-out and make a statement during workweek or a late night party. We are happy when you shine, we are happy when you smile, but most importantly, we are happy when you succeed!