For over 20 years we have dedicated a great deal of time and energy to the world of clothing. However, hardly a day goes by without exciting new challenges to help us grow. Whether it´s designing, polishing our patterns, or taking better body measurements, we are truly fascinated by everything we do. Undoubtedly, this fascination has led us to become a clothing leader in Peru, and proof of this is that we make uniforms for BBVA Bank, Telefonica del Peru, INDECOPI, SUNAT, among other large corporations and government agencies.


This fascination with our business also motivates us to constantly venture into new technologies to make wonderful garments and to be equal to or better than the world´s greatest clothing manufacturers. Mastering our German machinery (Strobel and Durkopp Adler) and processes is another example of MIRNI´s audacity in diversifying from established standards. Today, we can make 1000 women suits (blazers, vests, blouses, pants and skirts) per month with the highest export quality. We have also been exporting coats to Switzerland and Germany for more than 8 years and are ready for new markets.


Our efforts have allowed us to create a flexible organization that evolves day by day thanks to a proximity with corporate and fashion clients. A proximity that is listening and being able to meet their needs every year. Add to this that every year we get high scores on SGS Quality Management to ensure that we make only the very best garments. If it weren´t for all the passion and continued dedication of our team at MIRNI, we wouldn´t be in this industry for over 20 years.


Could there be something more fascinating in the world of clothing? Allow  us to fascinate you with our exclusive garments!



Mirna Pérez